Archery is a sport that is worth trying at least once, whether because it is a unique hobby that can be as relaxed or demanding of a sport as you want it to be, or because trying out a bow would make you feel a bit more like Legolas. As a sport archery is accessible to anyone and the basics are easy to learn which means that many people who have never held a bow in their life start in our club each year. We also welcome experienced shooters in our club and pride ourselves in having had success in many competitions over the years among both novice and senior members as archery can be both a carefree hobby just for fun and a highly rewarding sport for competitive people.

Over the past couple of years the club have achieved a considerable amount of success, with the Dundee team winning 2 consecutive years in the varsity as well as winning a considerable amount of medals in SSS league matches and achieving the silver accreditation this year.

Archery is often seen as an individual sport but many notice how they have found a community not only in our club but amongst other archers as well. However, it is not only the competitions, where you can test your skills against other archers, but also the social events, both big and small, whether they are as simple as shooting balloons or larger social gatherings like our annual Christmas dinner that join us together as archers and as a team.

Club President: Paolo Nery

Club Captain: Noah Bentzen

Thursdays 7:30pm-9:30pm
Saturdays 3:00pm-5:30pm

Hall 1 West

Membership Fee:
£35 double semester
£20 single semester

Facebook: Archery  Group