Basketball (Women’s)

Club Captain: Louise Dickson

Secretary:Darcy Wilson

1st team: Sun 3.30-5.30pm
2nd team: Sat 3.30-5.30pm
Joint training: Mon 6-8pm

Sport specific conditioning
Fri 7-8.30am

At ISE Hall 2

Membership Fee:

Email: basketballwomens 

Women’s Basketball  Group

We aim to promote women’s basketball within the University of Dundee and the surrounding community to continue to allow women’s basketball to grow. Our club focuses on creating a safe, fun environment where women of all abilities can come together to learn and play basketball. We want to provide a club where every individual is welcomed and given the opportunity to develop and grow, whilst having fun in a sociable, welcoming environment. We pride ourselves on being a club which welcomes women of all abilities and everyone has a place within our club. We like to have fun on and off court with our buzzing social life off court and our strong team bond on court.