DUMRCC offers a friendly and welcoming approach to all forms of cycling. Although the club has two main sections – road riding and mountain biking, we have been dipping into Cyclocross, track and BMX. We have a good relationship with the other cycling clubs in Dundee and there is ample opportunity to train outside of our own club rides. 

DUMRCC have a range of mountain and road bikes for club members to use throughout the year. During the year there are two main weekends away which provide a chance to explore other areas of the UK. 

Club members meet at our sponsor pub ‘The Tinsmith’ every Thursday for food and a few drinks. 

As a club, we have entered both teams and individuals into BUCS and SSS competitions with the following notable successes: two individual 1st and a team 3rd at BUCS DH; a team 2nd place and individual 4 th in BUCS Hill Climb; and two individual 1st at SSS CX. We are currently in the final steps of completing our affiliation with Scottish Cycling which will provide further opportunities for our members. DUMRCC is an easy-going club with a big ambition to help you enjoy and make the most of cycling at the University of Dundee. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch! Any other requirements – A love to ride!