Gaelic Football (Women’s)

Dundee Ladies GAA has grown over the past few years alongside the Men’s team to become a much larger presence in the world of sport at University of Dundee. At the start it seemed a way for Irish people to continue to play GAA while away from home, but as GAA has spread more and more Scottish, English, Welsh, and International students have joined the club. We are a close-knit group and we train very hard as well as enjoying lots of social events throughout the year which are always a huge success and help us to bond. 

We train Tuesdays and Thursday down at the ISE Riverside Pitches. Each year in September we take part in a 7’s Tournament of all the GAA teams across Scottish Universities, it is a brilliant way to start off the new year as it allows new members to get a hands-on taster of how we play. Throughout semester 1 we play in the Scottish League and have matches on the weekends, and in Semester 2 we travel down to Manchester to take part in the University GAA British Championships, this is always an amazing weekend for the team both on and off the pitch. 

We are a friendly and social team who welcome all-abilities, no matter if you have never heard of Gaelic in your life! We are really committed to having a very fun and successful year despite everything that is going on at the minute, and most importantly we are dedicated to putting the safety of all of our girls first and foremost.