Club President: Aidan McKinley 

Mon 6pm
At Riverside Council Pitches

Membership Fee:

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Hurling  Group

The fastest game in the world … interested?

If you’re up for trying something a little bit different, something new and pick up a bit of silverware on the way … not to mention become part of one of the top social clubs in Dundee? Look no further!

So what is Hurling? Hurling is one of the national sports of Ireland but is played all over the world. There are 15 players on a team lined out on a pitch with rugby shaped goal posts at either end, each player has his own ‘hurl’ and the aim of the game is trying to score more goals and points than the other team by striking the ‘sliotar’ with your hurl. Hurling combines speed, reactions and hand eye co-ordination to become the greatest spectacle on the planet! But aside from actually playing, we are also a great club to get involved in, we team up with the Gaelic Football team for events so twice the craic, and with a packed social calendar there’s always friends to be made and plenty of craic to be had – the hurling team is where it’s at!