Karate is an exciting, fast-paced martial art/self-defence and an excellent form of fitness training! We welcome students of all abilities; from experienced to those who never stepped inside a Dojo. You don’t have to be fit to start either; with Karate, you will get fighting fit in no time. Although, we are a primary a Shotokan Karate club taught by sensei Jim Kidd (8th Dan), we are inclusive of all styles. We have a balanced training program encompassing both traditional and competition training.  

We have enjoyed great competitive success in the past, so much so we were awarded the sports unions team of the year in March 2018 and our competitions coach Liz Rogers (3rd Dan) was awarded coach of the year! 

And it’s not just about the hard work, we have plenty of great socials lined up. The club is often referred to by members as being a ‘university family’ and you’re guaranteed to make friends for life.