Joint Presidents:
Charlie Nicholls
Charlotte Laundy

Vice President: Jen Francis

Mon & Wed
At Pole Position Scotland

Fri & Sat at ISE

Membership Fee:

Email: pole@dundee.ac.uk 
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Not only do we pole for fun, we compete in Inter- University Pole Competitions, host annual shows, take part in workshops and fundraise for charity by means of a Pole-a-thon while having an action packed social calendar. There is plenty to take part in, so why not get stuck in?

As a club, we focus on building individuals strength, fitness and confidence whilst having a lot of fun. So whether you have no pole, dance or gymnastic experience or whether you have ventured all over the world competing in pole championships we welcome everyone with all levels of skill and experience- just give it a go!

Currently we are affiliated with a local pole fitness and aerial arts studio, Pole Position Scotland, located in a convenient spot only a two minute walk from the city campus. While also owning our own new poles and equipment and using the ISE facilities to host our own training sessions. This year our members have a lot to look forward to: workshops, shows, competitions, socials, the pole-a-thon and other fundraisers.

So whether it’s you are looking for trying a new sport, meeting new people or just a place to have fun, why not get in contact and try out at one of our give it a go sessions, we’d love to meet you!