The DURC is dedicated to exploring and experiencing the Scottish highlands, the UK and Europe via hiking, hill-walking, climbing and other mountain sports.

We run a trip (meet) every weekend, usually up north to the Highlands, as well as three weekend meets each semester. Meets usually cost £10 and £25 respectively, and include fuel, transport, accommodation and a meal on the weekends! We are open to all skill levels and interests, from those who want to try hiking or hill-walking for the first time to experienced hikers and climbers who are looking to compete in SSS and BUCS. Trip signups are at our social every Tuesday night at The Braes on Perth road at 8pm.

We also meet once a week to climb at the local climbing wall, Avertical World, as well as running a three part introductory session in basic climbing skills at the start of the year. There is also the infamous European summer trip the club runs also! If you want to experience the beauty of hiking, hill-walking and climbing in the UK and further afield, this is the club for you!

Club President: Grant Lees

Club Secretary: Hal Walsh

Climbing: Wed afternoon
Meets: Tue 8:30pm at Braes
Trips: During the weekends

Membership Fee:
Full membership: £35
Single Semester: £25
Social: £5

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