Shinty is the ancient national sport of Scotland and the origin of hockey and golf. It’s a fast-paced 12-a- side stick game played on grass drawing on fitness, skill, teamwork and shoulder to shoulder tackles – a great way to blow off steam. After matches we always barrel down the pub for our victory/consolation pints.

Men’s team:
We play in SSS Shinty League for 12 years playing regular matches on the weekends and taking part in the yearly Littlejohn and St.Andrews Sixes tournaments. As a relatively small club, all members wanting a game get a game, regardless of experience. So if you were born with a caman in your hand or you don’t even know what a caman is, you’re welcome in our team of misfits. With three qualified coaches, Dundee Shinty is the best place to pick up this exciting sport.

Women’s team:
We’ve grown rapidly over the past 2 years and now play in SSS Shinty League as well as in several tournaments throughout the year. We’ve been increasingly successful and we are very hopeful to achieve even more in this coming year. Most of our members are new to the sport – those of all abilities will be made welcome. On top of playing competitively we also enjoy friendly matches whenever we can. As a team we also enjoy meeting up for social events together as we are a close and friendly club.

Regardless of your experience please feel very welcome to come along and try out Shinty with us.

Club President:Joshua Westwood

Men’s Captain:Johnny McKenzie

Womens Captain:Megan Mcfarlane

Wednesday 2pm – 4pm, Riverside Pitches

Saturday 2pm – 4pm, Riverside Pitches

At Riverside Sports Ground

Membership Fee:

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