Surf club creates a great vibe, we are a very friendly bunch and we are excited to try new things this year to improve everyone’s surfing ability. We have numerous trips throughout the year at very affordable prices to places like Cornwall, Morocco and Thurso and they are all very good for beginners as well as more advanced surfers. We are also wanting to plan some fresher weekend trips to get more freshers out and confident on a board.

The club is very good at building a community through social events, surfers come together every week to have a drink and let loose, we also organise film nights every now and again so that we can eat our body weight in snacks. There will also be pub quizzes throughout the year related to surfing.

There is also opportunities to compete with the surf club in different parts of the UK which is great because we support each other and it allows surfers who are competing to build confidence with their surfing.

Club Captain:Michael Hutchison

Vice Captain: Tom Graham

Surf: At least once a week if
sea gods provide some waves
In The North Sea

Swim Training: Sunday 2pm, ISE Pool

Membership Fee:

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