On entry into the Dojang you officially receive your white belt, and begin your journey into taekwon-do.

Taekwon-do is a Korean military martial art which is used world-wide and is first and foremost a method of self-defence. We currently have seven committee members, including myself, and over thirty matriculated members (which we are hoping to increase next school term). We will be competing in the British University Taekwon-do League (BUTL) this coming academic year.

We are a fairly new club and we are keen to raise money for more equipment, transport services to any competitions that we attend, general training fees, merchandise and club socials. As a very social club we go to the Beer Kitchen every Tuesday after training for drinks and free food.

Club Captain:Mei Murray-Rhodes

Secretary:Rebecca Scobie

Tuesday 8pm-9:30pm, ISE Studio 2

Thursday 8pm-9:30pm, ISE Studio 3

Membership Fee:
includes: Z&R Taekwondo School
& Authentic Centres of Excellence
for Taekwondo Association

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