General Questions

When do you meet?

Club Meets

Day Trips: Sundays (sometimes on Saturday instead)

Full-Weekend Trips: once a month from Friday evening to Sunday

Prepartion for Trips: every Thursday? at 6pm at the Gearstore.


Wednesdays from 4pm until late at Avertical World.

People will go climbing during the whole week. Check out the Climbing Chat or talk to people at the Pub to find out when someone is at the wall.


Weekly Pub Meetings every Tuesday 8pm at the Braes

There will be Ceilidth, the Annual Dinner any much more throughout the year.

Check out the event calendar to learn more.

How do I sign up for trips?

During term time, you can sign up with the Meets Secretary for trips at the Pub. For day trips, we announce the trip and sign up the Thursday the week before the actual trips. Weekend trips will be announced two weeks in advance and the sign up for them is also going to be two weeks in advance. When signing up, you need to pay the fee for the trip already. (£10 for Day Trips, £20 to £30 for Weekend Trips).

How is a Club Meet going to be like?

There are basicly two kind of club Meets: Single Day trips, where we return the same day, and Weekend trips, where we stay at a hut for a whole weekend. On each meet, you can go on hikes, go climbing or, if we’re lucky, even biking. At the end of the year, there’s also a trip to somewhere in Europe.

How do I borrow gear?

Once you’re matriculated with the club, you can borrow the gear that you need, like waterproof trousers, harnesses, crampons and more, just remember that you must bring your own boots as we can’t provide them. To borrow gear, come along to the gear store and put a £20 deposit. For more information on the Gear Store and the kit you can borrow, check out the gear page.

How can I join the club?

To join the club, you must be a matriculated University of Dundee or University of Abertay Student or Member of Staff. The membership fee is currently unknown. First, fill out the membership form which you can find here or get from the DURC Committee. Then, bring the completed form and the fee to the Pub on Tuesday, hand it to the Minutes Secretary and baam, you’re matriculated!

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