Code of conduct

Sports Code of Conduct

The University of Dundee Sports Union is committed to promoting and supporting student groups to run
their activities safely, inclusively and responsibly.

Everyone involved in University of Dundee Sport has a responsibility for setting standards, making sure
there is equal access and opportunity for all and that fairness and respect is upheld on all occasions. This
Sports Code of Conduct allows the University of Dundee to uphold its values of trust, integrity,
responsibility and equality and allows the University to deal with any breaches of conduct with a
consistent approach.

Code of Conduct Outlines the behaviour expected from all individuals engaged in University sport. All
individuals have a responsibility to act and behave according to the highest standards to ensure that the
reputation of the University of Dundee is beyond reproach.

University of Dundee Sports Clubs are affiliated to the University through the University Sports Union.
All students representing a University Sports Club come under these regulations. These are in addition
to the standards of behaviour set by the University. It is expected that all involved in the University of
Dundee Sports Union will adopt the Code of Conduct and understand that any breaches of this code will
be dealt with through the appropriate disciplinary procedures.

Code of Conduct

This code is designed to ensure the highest possible standards of conduct and behaviour of all University
representatives. This code applies to all SU members and affiliated clubs, including all persons officially
appointed to any team or individual competing in an event.

The code of conduct applies when travelling to and from competition and training, and at all other times
where sporting and social events are organised under the umbrella of the University, the Sports Unions
or constituent SU clubs.

The Sports Code of Conduct advises all SU members on their expected behaviour. The purpose of the
code is to protect members and others potentially affected by their actions.

All SU members must:
• respect the rights dignity and values of others.
• be fair, considerate and honest.
• take responsibility for their actions.
• treat everyone equally and sensitively regardless of age, gender, disability, race,
ethnic origin, culture, social background, sexual orientation, religious belief,
political affiliation or any other personal characteristic.
• not encourage or pressure others in to acting against the code
• not be involved in any form of initiation practice.
• maintain high standards of personal behaviour at all times.
• conduct themselves in a reasonable manner relating to language and gesture.
• refrain from any form of intimidation and harassment of others.
• refrain from any behaviour that may bring the University, Sports Union or the Club in to
• not distribute, or be involved in the distribution of, material on any social media platform that
can be deemed offensive, abusive, threatening, humiliating, degrading or intimidating.
• not be unduly intoxicated at any event or social function organised under the umbrella of the
Club, Sports Union or the University.
• not use any illegal drug whether sporting or recreational when representing the Club, Sports
Union or the University.
• not act in an unlawful manner.
• understand the repercussions of any breaches of this Code of Conduct.

While this code of conduct sets out the types of conduct that will not be accepted by the University, this
list is not exhaustive and any other acts deemed by the Director of Sport and Exercise and the Sports
Union President to be unacceptable may be treated in the same way as any other breach of the code.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct

If the University, Sports Union or member Clubs has to deal with any incidents that breach this code, it
• investigate the alleged breach of conduct, and if satisfied that a breach may have occurred, refer
the matter to the Sports Union Disciplinary panel which consists, in the first instance, of the
following persons:
▪ Director of Sport and Exercise
▪ ISE Club Development Officer
▪ Sport Union President
• if required and appropriate, convene a meeting of the Sports Union Disciplinary Committee as
outlined in the Sports Union constitution, making a ruling on any breach of discipline and issue
sanctions as determined by the regulations.
• refer incidents to the University disciplinary procedures where it is considered that the breach
of conduct is of a sufficiently serious nature.

Sports Club Agreement

I have read and understand the University of Dundee Sports Code of Conduct as outlined above.
I am aware of my responsibilities as a member of the University of Dundee Sports Union.

I understand that any behaviour that breaches the Code of Conduct and which may jeopardise
and tarnish the reputation of the Club, the Sports Union or the University will not be tolerated
and that any such actions and behaviour may be subject to disciplinary action.

I am aware that I am an ambassadors for the University of Dundee and I take full responsibility
for my actions and behaviour. I agree to comply fully with the Code of Conduct.