DURC Constitution (2019)
  1. Name
  2. Aims
  3. Membership
  4. Committee
  5. Honorary Posts
  6. Meetings
  7. Constitution
  8. Discipline
  9. Log books
  10. Equipment
  11. 11. Safety
  12. Dissolution Clause
  13. Name
The name of the club shall be the “Dundee University Rucksack Club”, hereinafter referred to as “the Club”.  
  1. Aims
The aims of the Club shall be to further the interests of its members in all matters appertaining to mountaineering, rock climbing, hill walking and any other mountain activity.  
  1. Membership
3.1 On payment of the annual subscription, ordinary membership of the club shall be open to all matriculated students of the University of Dundee. 3.2 On payment of the annual subscription, graduate membership of the club shall be open to all graduates of the University of Dundee providing they are associate members of the sports union. 3.3 On payment of the annual subscription, members of staff of the University of Dundee shall be admitted providing they are associate members of the sports union. 3.4 Any person outwith the categories 3.1/3.2/3.3 shall be admitted to the club on (1) approval of their affiliation by the Sports Union Council after petition by the club’s council representative at a council meeting, (2) payment to the sports union of an annual associate membership fee, and (3) payment of the club’s annual subscription. 3.5 The annual subscription for ordinary, graduate, staff, and associate membership shall be fixed annually by the committee. 3.6 No person shall be eligible to attend a club meet without: Having paid the annual membership subscription and, Having read and understood the safety guidelines and signed an acknowledgement form to indicate this. 3.7 A roll of all members shall be kept by the secretary.    
  1. Committee
4.1 The ordinary affairs of the club shall be managed by a committee, elected from the membership. This will consist of:
  • President,
  • Vice President,
  • Secretary,
  • Treasurer,
  • Meets Secretary,
  • Climbing Secretary,
  • Transport Secretary
  • Gear Secretary,
  • Social Secretary
  • Webmaster,
  • up to two ordinary member representatives
    The ordinary member representatives may be elected by the committee before Christmas. All officials shall be elected annually and be eligible to stand for re-election.   4.2 A brief overview of the duties of these roles are as follows:
  • President: to chair Committee and general meetings and over-see the running of all club matters. Attend Sports Union council meetings.
  • Vice- President: to conduct the President’s business in his absence and book and advertise Ancrum skill courses.
  • Secretary: to keep an accurate digital record of the membership list and ensure membership of all members with the affiliated governing body and take minutes at meetings.
  • Treasurer: is responsible for the management of the clubs finances and ensuring the submission of the club accounts to the Sports Union at their request.
  • Meets Secretary: to run weekly meets, of which the accommodation (if applicable) and sign-up should be conducted.
  • Climbing Secretary: to ensure a weekly attendance at the local climbing wall and promote climbing competitions.
  • Transport Secretary: to liaise with the Meets Secretary and the Climbing and arrange transport through the Sport Union at their request. And conduct all other transport related matters.
  • Social Secretary: To organise and run all social events and promote the weekly social at the sponsor pub.
  • Gear Secretary: to make available and maintain the club equipment and keep an inventory.
  • Webmaster: conduct all matters relating to the clubs online presence.
  4.3 Elected committee members deemed not to be carrying out their elected duties in a satisfactory manner may be removed from their positions by a two thirds majority vote of no confidence at a general meeting. The member proposed for removal must be notified in advance of a general meeting being called as per section 6. 4.4 If any committee member resigns, leaves, or is removed, a general meeting will be called where the position in question will be elected from the membership. 4.5 The committee will have the power to temporarily co-opt ordinary members onto subcommittees for particular purposes at their discretion. Any decisions made by subcommittees must be ratified by the elected committee. 4.6 The committee shall keep a log of all club equipment but individual members who are borrowing the equipment have sole responsibility to check it before use, ensure that it is fit for the intended purpose, and use it in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. 4.7 The committee shall have charge of all club literature.  
  1. Honorary Posts
5.1 An Honorary President may be elected annually by the current committee and shall be eligible for re-election. There will be a maximum of one Honorary President. 5.2 An Honorary Vice President may be elected annually by the current committee and shall be eligible for re-election. There will be a maximum of one Honorary Vice Presidents. 5.3 Honorary members will receive free membership for the duration of their position. They will be eligible to attend committee meetings in a non-executive capacity.  
  1. Meetings
6.1 There shall be an Annual General Meeting held during semester 2 at which the President’s, Meets Secretary’s, Climbing Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports shall be read and officials elected for the year. 6.2 General Meetings shall be called by the Secretary under order of the President, the committee, or upon receiving a petition signed by seven ordinary members expressing a desire for such a meeting. The club membership must be informed of a general meeting at least two weeks beforehand.  
  1. Constitution
7.1 Alterations to the Constitution shall be made only at General Meetings, with proposed alterations being handed to the Secretary who will then circulate proposals to all members ten days before. A three day period will commence thereafter for members to make adjustments to the proposed alterations or counter proposals with the final proposed motions being circulated seven days before the meeting. 7.2 One-third of the clubs membership must be present at the meeting and a two-thirds majority of members present at the meeting shall be necessary to carry such a motion. 7.3 Any changes to the constitution will require ratification by the Sports Union Council before they are effective.  
  1. Discipline
Members shall abide by the Club Safety Guidelines. Any member failing to do so, wilfully damaging property, or otherwise bringing the Club or members of the Club into disrepute, or acting against the interests of the club, shall be liable to be summarily removed from the roll of members by the committee. The reasons for his or her expulsion being announced at the next General Meeting. The right to appeal shall be allowed to the Sports Union. Disputes between members, or between the committee and members, will be resolved through a process based on “The Law of Natural Justice” (see http://www.mcofs.org.uk/assets/pdfs/club%20justice.pdf) with the aim of ensuring that a fair and documented process is used for resolution of disputes. .  
  1. Log Books
9.1 A President’s Book shall be kept by the current President to be handed to the succeeding President. It shall contain information relating to official University policy, Sports Union activities, incidents occurring on club meets, policy of National Governing Bodies and Representatives, and all correspondence related thereto. 9.2 A Meets Book shall be kept by the Meets Secretary. It shall contain Information relating to activities of the Club and its members. 9.3 Accounts will be kept by the Treasurer in accordance with Sports Union policy and the Sports Union Constitution. 9.4 The Secretary shall keep a log of all committee meetings and the decisions made thereat for publication to the membership and continuity between years. 9.5 All log books will remain the sole property of the Club at all times.  
  1. Equipment
10.1 Club Equipment may be borrowed or hired at the discretion of the Committee and those to whom it is loaned or hired are responsible for returning it in good condition and reporting any damage sustained. The committee’s responsibility only extends to recording dates of purchase, and maintaining a record of the life (age), use and misuse (if reported) of equipment. The members who are borrowing the equipment have a responsibility to check it before use and to use it in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. 10.2 The Club policy for the loan or hire of club equipment shall be set annually by the committee. Keys to the Gear store shall be solely kept by the President and the Gear Secretary.  
  1. Safety
11.1 The Club may share knowledge amongst its members in aspects of mountain safety. (Note also section 8. members shall abide by the club’s safety guidelines) 11.2 This constitution supersedes and nullifies all previous constitutions and constitutional amendments referring to the University of Dundee Rucksack Club, formerly Queen’s College, Dundee Rucksack Club).  
  1. Dissolution Clause
In the event of the dissolution of the Club, any assets thereof shall be under the order of the Sports Union and shall not be distributed amongst the members of the Club.